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The first time you use a new electrician can be nerve wracking - after all, how do you know what kind of service you'll get. You can trust us because we come highly recommended. We've had customers pass our number to their neighbours, friends, relatives and work colleagues - our word of mouth reputation seems to grow by the day! If you haven't heard of us already, why not read for yourself what our customers say. And if you want to add your comments about our service, please do.

A.P.Freeman Ltd  Electrical Services, Cambridgeshire, is proud to be a member of The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC). This is the industry's independent non profit-making regulatory body covering the whole of the United Kingdom. Its purpose is to protect and insure consumers from unsafe and unsound electrical work. To become a member of the NICEIC our electrical work has undergone several inspections and the inspections continue on a regular basis.





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