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A.P.Freeman Ltd are reliable and professionally qualified electricians based Wisbech but covering Kings Lynn, Peterborough and most areas in Cambridgeshire and Norfolk. A.P.Freeman Ltd  Electrical Contractors are a family run business, we are professional, trustworthy, tidy and efficient. A.P.Freeman Ltd  is registered with the NICEIC under the approved installer scheme and is Part P registered. Alex Freeman is here to help. All domestic and Industrial work undertaken, view our list of services supplied. We offer very competitive prices with free no obligation quotes. Alex Freeman prides himself on his friendly, high quality, reliable service ensuring outstanding customer satisfaction.

Whatever your requirements, large or small, we will:

  • • Ensure your work is carried out to the highest professional standards
  • • Arrive when we say we will
  • • Keep your home neat and tidy at all times

If we can help with your electrical needs, please call or e-mail using our Quote or Contact page. If you are considering undertaking electrical works yourself but are unsure whether this is allowed under recent legislation please read our help page - Do I Need An Electrician?

House Re-wiring

As a silent contributor to our daily lives, electricity provides light and warmth and powers our electrical appliances but most of us in the UK take electricity in our houses for granted. The cables run inside the walls and fuse boxes are often hidden away, making it easy to forget that electrical systems do need checking. periodically.

However, cables, switches, socket-outlets and other accessories deteriorate with use and misuse and require regular checking.  All houses should have their electrical systems checked at least every ten years.

Examples of the need to rewire could be fire damage, old wiring where the insulation is breaking down, you may need more current to run heavier loads, or it could be that animals have chewed the wiring or:

Black rubber was phased out in the UK during the 1960's. Cables coated in fabric are even older. Modern cables use PVC insulation.

A fusebox with a wooden back, cast iron switches, a haphazard mixture of circuit boxes?

Older round pin sockets and round light switches, braided flex hanging from ceiling roses to light fittings, black switches, sockets mounted in skirting boards?


Electrical Safety Certificate

Please remember when attempting any electrical installations at home that you are obliged to get the completed job tested by a fully qualified electrician and obtain a minor works certificate. Failure to do this may render your house insurance invalid and you may have difficulty selling your home.

If in any doubt whatever consult a qualified electrician. There is a legal requirement to obtain a completion certificate from a qualified electrician, for any work you do that requires a mains connection. For any work within circuits a minor works certificate should be obtained.

Landlords have a responsibility to ensure that any electrical appliances supplied in a property they rent out are safe. This includes kettles, cookers, heaters and any other electrical goods.

PAT Testing

Our qualified engineer will test all equipment with minimum inconvenience to you and your staff. This includes working out of normal office hours at no extra cost. Certificates and full databases are supplied on completion of work.

All equipment is labelled once tested, any failed appliances will be repaired where possible. Minor repairs e.g. plug changes, fuse changes, cable damage repairs are included in the test price.

All testing is carried out by qualified engineers

All equipment is labelled

All test information is supplied in hard copy format

All test equipment is calibrated annually

Testing carried out at any time, including weekends at no extra cost


Garden Lighting and Installations

Whether you have a small courtyard or a large garden, garden lighting is an essential element which will enhance and maximise one of the most important 'rooms' in the house, We can install lighting and fittings to complement the garden’s mood, planting and design.

Our approach to garden lighting is based on the fact that every garden is unique. We are able to incorporate a lighting scheme once the framework to the design is in place or into a mature garden.

We establish with the client important areas that require illumination, for example, a typical lighting scheme could make your garden come to life by combining functional down-lighting over the dining area, accent lighting a garden sculpture, step lighting, pathway and drive lighting, security and water features, LED garden lights and under-water lighting.

All the electrical work carried out is completed by a qualified electrician and is conducted under Part P of the Building Regulations with a NICEIC certificate issued where appropriate.


Burglary is one of the most common crimes all over the world. Protecting our properties and homes from these criminal acts has become an important issue. Intruder/Burglar alarms and security lighting can easily be integrated within a CCTV system to provide even more protection against criminals.

Why install an Intruder Alarm?
Intruder/Burglar alarms are a great way of preventing break in's to your home or business. It is a proven fact that premises where burglar alarms have been installed have significantly reduced the  risk of a burglary taking place. They act as a visual deterrent and also reduce loss in the advent of a break in, as when the alarm is sounded it will bring attention to the intruders.

Why install Security Lighting outside your home?
Well designed, installed and maintained security lighting outside your home or business can help to deter crime. Outside security lighting should be simple yet bright, lighting secluded areas of your house or driveway. Security lighting has sensors and when activated will turn lights on alerting neighbours or people inside the house of external activity or simply create a well lit area, eliminating shadows where thieves can hide, helping to deter them from your property.

Security lighting can also be a very convenient help in preventing accidents on uneven surfaces and make it easier to enter your home when it is dark.


From mass-produced systems to bespoke tailored solutions, we can advise, inspect service and repair to current standards and regulations
Our services include:
 • Repair and maintenance of 3-phase machinery
 • Bus bar trunking installations
 • Low bay and high bay lighting
 • Cleaning, re-lamping and maintenance of existing factory lighting
 • Call-out and fault-finding of industrial machinery
 • Inspection and testing
In the commercial sector, reliability and adherence to standards is of paramount importance
Our expertise includes:
 • Complete public house, Police Stations and office IT installations or alterations
 • Fire alarm systems to BS5839 pt1:1988
 • Emergency lighting to BS5266-12:1999
 • Dado trunking and CAT5E data cabling
 • Office CAT2 lighting
 • Exterior flood lighting
 • Inspection and Testing



Solar Panal (PV) Installations

Solar PV stands for 'solar photovoltaic'. Solar PV panels harness sunlight and the sun's radiation as well, turning it into solar electricity to power a house or a commercial building. Converting Sunlight into electricity has made great strides in the last 5 years and is now a viable option for the uk climate.  A solar PV system is made up of panels consisting of thin layers of silicon. As soon as the sun's radiation or light hit the PV panels, they convert it to DC electricity. A converter then converts this AC electricity, which can be used to power the home. An export meter is also installed allowing consumers generating surplus solar electricity, to sell this back to the grid. Under the Feed In Tariff introduced in April 2010, there has never been a more profitable time to sell back solar electricity.


• Can install any size system dependant upon your needs and size available
• Significantly reduces your electricity bills & reduces your co2 emissions.

Any excess electricity generated is sold back to the national grid. It will produce electricity and save you money whilst you are at work or on holiday.



Extension Wiring


New Build Electrical Installations

New Build Electrical Installations We have vast experience of all types of electrical installations in new properties. All work is carried out to BS7671 standards with building control notifications as required by Part P of the building regulations.

BS7671 is the British Standard for Electrical Installation & incorporates the IEE wiring regulations.

All types of New Buildings - from starter homes to small single new dwellings including barn conversions & large detached houses to new developments of several properties.

New Build work can include early design & consultation with builders & clients followed by the actual installation work through to the testing & hand-over with all electrical certification handled by ourselves.

Kitchen lighting is as important as the lighting in your lounge or bedroom, yet so easily overlooked and left until the last minute. Therefore, lighting should be one of the first elements to consider when planning a kitchen, as the wiring will need to be laid behind plasterwork or chased into walls, and the fitters will need to know where to locate switches and sockets.

Kitchen Lighting is now sophisticated, evolving massively since the days of harsh fluorescent strips, but to get the right lighting you must plan effectively, for example, think about how you use your kitchen, the dimensions etc. as having an understanding of how these issues relate to your kitchen will help to work out what lighting is needed and where it will go.

The choices, for example, include low-voltage, recessed spotlights and efficient track lighting, dimmable wall sconces, chic hanging pendants and LEDs set into plinths for an atmospheric floor-level glow.

The best mood and task lighting is unobtrusive, so you could choose low-voltage halogen spots that are fitted flush into the ceiling for the most subtle effect. This type of ambient illumination can then be combined with any other style of lighting depending on the look of your kitchen, from chandeliers for a traditional design to sleek modern fittings for a more contemporary feel.

Consider a blend of general lighting, specific lighting for worktops and spaces, for example, task lighting under cabinets for the areas on worktops you spend most of your time cutting and chopping and lighting to accent stylish parts of the kitchen.


Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom designs are becoming more luxurious, design choices have literally exploded, no longer are bathrooms simply functional they have become personal retreats but every design decision must recognize both roles and the electrical installation is no exception.

Every detail in your bathroom requires a decision, this is also true in the area of bathroom lighting and electrics, gone are the days of a single fixture in the middle of the ceiling so full consideration needs to be given to your Bathroom requirements in the early planning stages.

To design a truly flexible lighting and electrical scheme, associated wiring needs to be positioned correctly, for example, prior to tiles and flooring being fitted. The electrical installation must comply with the strict regulations governing the installation of lighting in bathrooms, for example, a pull-cord switch is the only safe option inside the bathroom, but you can choose to have other switches such as dimmers wired outside the door.

Careful and detailed planning in the early stages will also facilitate mood lighting and accessories being added such as spa tubs and steam showers, the most recent "embellishments" of the bathroom.